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Planning a Deck Project
Saturday, 10 October 2009 01:04

A cedar deck offers all kinds of benefits to a property. Not only does it look good, but it also adds value to the property itself. Yet before one undertakes a project of installing a new deck, one has to take into account all the details that go into planning. By having a strong plan and sticking to it, you could finish in half the time and get to enjoy nice cold lemonade on your brand new deck!

Steps for planning a Deck Project:

  • Consider the location of your deck. You have to consider what the deck will be used for (barbecues or a hot tub?) and in turn it would mean how much privacy you’d want for yourself. Also consider things such as the health of your deck, and how it would stand against the sun, wind, rain and snow in that location. Deciding the proper criteria for placement is a key part in planning.
  • For Cedar decks, ask a customer representative on how the quality of the cedar decking you plan to use is graded. Make sure to ask about warranties, and pay close attention to the small details, which could sneak in ways to void your contract.  Make sure that when you design your deck plan it coincides with the local building codes. Find out everything you can about the legal part of designing a Deck. You don’t want to finish your beauty only to have the sheriff come and tell you to tear it down, now do you?
  • Do research on what tools and materials will be needed for the project. Having good quality and effective tools could speed up your project, be easier on you, and overall leave a better product. Contact local decking professionals for advice on the best possible results.
  • Make sure that the finish you choose is the best you can buy for your cedar decking, as well as compatible with your local climate. Ask your local retailer about the very best brands to seek out.  When your choice has been made, make sure to carefully read the instructions. A good idea is to test out the brand on a small piece of your deck and analyze the results. The addition of a finish is vital to the long-term survival of the deck; otherwise things such as moisture and UV-rays will have it destroyed in no time. A water repellent finish will seal the cedar from y excessive moisture, and must be applied to the deck as soon as possible. Be careful not to overdo it with the finish; Too much may result in an unsightly and uneven surface. Also, when sanding, be careful to not go overboard. One must always remember that a red cedar is a softwood! If you feel uncomfortable with finishing the project yourself, always seek the advice of a professional. It is better to swallow your pride and admit that you cannot be good at everything, instead of making costly mistakes that can run you up in hundreds of dollars. And always read the instructions of any products you buy.

With proper planning and good supplies, building a deck should be an enjoyable and invigorating project. Yet the failure to make a plan or not carefully assess your supplies and situation could end in disaster! So be smart about this, this will probably be one of the bigger investments you’ll make for your house. If your ever confused or lost, just consult the experts!