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Choosing a Career in Carpentry
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 02:14

There are many reasons one would choose a career in carpentry. First of all, it’s an exciting job offering new opportunities daily. You don’t know what type of project you’ll be doing next, and compared to many other jobs, each day is less of a grind and more of an adventure. Another reason is carpentry is the type of job that leaves you feeling good. Instead of doing something mundane like copying papers and writing reports on nonsensical business meetings, you could be creating some beautiful to help people. The very idea of carpentry in itself is exciting; Using your creativity, strength, and hard work to make a great product.


A love for carpentry should start at an early age. It should include a love for building and designing things. In a sense, in the earliest form, it’s a love for block building, like Legos. As you move on into your teenage and early adulthood years, it often involves a passion for do it yourself projects, maybe designing and creating a birdhouse, or a skate ramp. Wherever your passion begins in carpentry, it is wise to do it if you love it. You shouldn’t refuse the idea only because of the somewhat small starting salary. A great carpenter can easily one day make six figures or more, and has a passion for his line of work that few others do.


The first thing you should do as a carpenter is to attend carpentry school. It costs much less than college and is just as exciting, if not more. Then it would be wise to set up base with an established carpentry firm to learn the basics. After a few years you should be able to move up the salary ladder, and one day possibly set up your own firm. With your own business the sky’s the limit, and those six figures may well be within reach. But always remember, do what you love, and make it great. Good luck on your path to becoming a carpenter if you so choose to!