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Decorating Your Porch
Thursday, 12 November 2009 18:13

When I was a little child, porches were places to play games, visit, and even work. My mother sat on a stool on the porch to shell peas, peal peaches, and cut up all the other types fruits and vegetables. Somewhere along the line porches have lost that loving, comfortable feeling and have become far too formal. Nowadays, we should be going old school, back to the days of the loving, happy porch. The porch doesn’t have to be complicated, but it must be welcoming and inviting! Without that, all is lost. For if it is not a place of love, no one will want to sit out on the porch when it is most beautiful, like a warm summer night.



A porch is used year-round. It is a place where everyone can sit and gather for a few minutes, before everyone returning to their tasks. It is an oasis of sorts. A key element to a great porch is comfortable seating. You should try and include swings, chairs, and possibly a bench or two. The more quantity and variety of seating you have, the greater experience you and your company will experience. Windchimes are a great addition to your porch; they make beatiful music and look wonderful as well. Just listening to the relaxing melody of a wind chime on a breezy summer day with a glass of ice cold lemonade creates the type of memories that last a lifetime.


Flowers help decorate a porch, also. We have several flowerpots, with different flowers, lining the porch. We also have flowering shrubs nearby, to help flavor the breeze that comes our way. Another great thing to include on your porch would be a solar-powered lighthouse. Nothing like adding a bit of a sophisticated and futuristic aspect to your porch. Another great thing would be to include statues. All of these things can be done with very little money, but make the porch that much more welcoming for visiting, drinking coffee, or even just sitting together and staring out to the sky. Nothing like a great porch to spark up a romance. If you make your porch inviting, comfortable, and happy, you will love your house that much more!