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Rough Frame a Window - part I
Tuesday, 22 December 2009 18:03

There are several steps that must be taken when planning to rough frame a window. Even so the project itself may appear daunting at first, yet with careful planning and a cool head, you will have rough framed and installed a window in no time.


You should create the rough frame to 2 inches wider on all sides than the dimensions of the window you are installing. For example, if the window you are installing is 32 by 32 inches, you should plan on the rough frame being 34 by 34. This is so you have extra room to install the window. Make sure you review the drywall so you can view the studs in an existing wall. When you can see the studs, determine where you’re going to place your window, and remove the studs at that location. Give another 2 inches around at your rough framing location to later add studs and install the king studs.


Once that is done, it is time to install the king studs. The king stud is a stud that replaces the studs cut out of the wall, vertically. Make sure to measure your king studs to fit between the floor and ceiling plates. If the measurements are off, you will have a very hard time rough framing and installing the window later. When installing them, make sure to make them far apart enough for the window. Based on the measurements of our window, the king studs should be 38 inches apart.


After that is complete, it is time to put in your window header. Since you’re removing a piece of the wall, make sure to make arrangements for support. The header will run along the top of your window, and is usually a piece of wood 2x6 inches thick. Place the two headers between the remaining studs on the top and bottom for your window.