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Rough Frame a Window - part II
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 02:54

Using a carpenter’s leveler place each header between the supporting studs, carefully positioning it at a level plane. The headers will end up sitting side by side in the wall. Once you have nailed them securely next to each other, you will be ready to put in the sill plate.


Cut out a stud the same length as a headboard and put it at the bottom of your window framing. Adjust the space between the bottom of the header and top of the sill to create an even distance for your window framing. In our situation, it would be a distance of over 42 inches. Its better to be a little farther off than too close, for if it is too close it would be too difficult to install the window later on.


Now it is time to nail in your sill plate. Make sure to have 3 cripple studs handy to provide support for your sill plate. A cripple stud is the exact same size as the distance between the sill and floor plates. Install a cripple side on each side of the newly formed king plate. This will now be ready to support the new window!


Last but not least, its time to put in the trimmer studs. These sides are the final touches to the rough opening upon where your window will be placed. Put the trimmer studs between your plates. Nail all of this down to the king studs; after that is complete, the window will now be ready for placement.


The whole process may seem complicated at first, but as soon as you get to actual work with your hands, you should be able to get the hang of it. Be very careful with the measurements, for if you’re even several inches off on any of them, it could ruin the whole project. And if you’re still not confident in creating a rough frame yourself, don’t be too proud to call a contractor. Sometimes its better to accept we all can’t be good at everything, and just pay the man who does this for a living. Yet if you enjoy a good project on your own, the reward of completing such a task is phenomenal.